3d art and its effects on game design has been a subject I have studied and practiced since a very young age. I believe it is very important for a designer to know that graphics are more than just "eye candy" but in fact can completely change the players' experience and gameplay. It is imperative to understand how scale, lighting, placement, animation, colors, textures, architecture, and interior design all affect the player.

Here is a sample of my environment and character models.

Some Info

The first set of pictures shows multiple models which are a part of a project I began to create all necessary models for a modern office or home setting. I constantly study furniture, architecture and interior design text books and blogs to ensure that the models created will generate a striking but cohesive environment.

These office models are currently used in my competitive-stealth-tactical shooter (tentatively titled, Unreal mod) Intruder. It is important to note that all of these models were designed with gameplay in mind. For example, the books seen in the second screenshot are not completely solid, but have been modeled so they can open up. I wanted them to fly open as gunfire ripped through them and other office materials. Multiple different door types have been created not only for visual variation, but to allow tactical choices as far as vantage points and line of sight i.e. doors with glass can be seen and shot through. The tables and cabinets are just so low that a crouching player can use them as cover while still firing shots, and just so high that a player who is prone would be hidden from view.

The submachine gun style weapon, known as the Kriss Super, was speed modeled in a one day period. Weapon modeling has become a specialty of mine. The other character and weapon models are also currently used in Intruder.