Unreal Level Design

Speed level design... 2 Days in UT3. In this level I wanted to capture the overwhelming feeling of war meshed with beautiful scenery and aerial action. Multiple paths and areas are linked together for a unique gameplay experience. Check it out.

Level file available upon request.
trailer music by Glass Midnight


Here, I wanted to make a map that really pushed Unreal Tournament level design into new territories. I experimented with progressive level design, mid-air combat, and even some racing game elements.

I really enjoy multiplayer maps that have a sense of progression. It gives it a kind of "story" in a gameplay mode that normally has no sense of narrative. As the map starts, both sides start inside this wartorn tunnel where the goal is to get to the opposing end. Side to side, the tunnel is thin, but there is a wealth of cover. Both teams slowly progress forward, crouching behind debris and wreckage along the way.  I purposefully chose weapons like the Link Gun and Flak Cannon for players to start with because of the strong visual feedback from their fire modes. As the opposing teams clash into each other in this compact space, there is an almost overwhelming amount of gunfire coming from either direction. It creates a sense of war similar to World War I in a futuristic setting. Once the a team reaches the teleport on the opposite side of the tunnel, the spawn points for that team actually shift to the base where their CTF flag is held.

After reaching their respective bases, the gameplay switches over to the mid-air combat. Multiple "islands" are covered in jump pads that can be used to reach the opposing base. You end up getting some really extreme (almost Matrix) moments as you launch from island to island, trying to take out your opponents as they too, fly through the air. It's especially satisfying when you get some mid-air sniper kills. Players looking to take the island route to the enemy base should consider taking an AVRIL homing missile with them, as the opposing side's turrets can tear them to shreds if they are not quick.

It is also possible to reach the enemy base via the high road, above the original tunnel. Vehicles have been placed here which players can use to jump huge gaps (check out the jump at 2:20 in the video) and land in the opposing base. This top section was inspired by games like MotorStorm, and offers another nice variation to the gameplay within a single map.  For extra craziness, try hopping in a Manta and then jumping from the high road path onto the islands.

No matter what kind of game or level I design, I try to make sure it fosters really exciting and memorable moments. This map successfully combines three different feels into a single environment. Each part has its own moments that will surely draw players back for more.