Unity Development

I am an avid user of Unity3d for my game and application development. Besides Project Stormos, I have used it for a number of PC, Mac and iPhone applications and games. While I cannot show all of them here to you under NDA, here are some of my other creations in Unity. 

EQ Live

 The EQ Live game was created for Equisense, Inc., a horse and rider training company and community headed by Olympic dressage coach, Jane Savoie. The EQ Live dressage training game that I created was displayed at many equestrian and dressage fairs and festivals such as the World Equestrian Games

I was responsible for all 3d and environment/level design as well as all gameplay design and programming. An online demo of the game is playable at the EQ Website at http://www.eqtrained.com/eq_live.html

EQ Training Apps

 I also used Unity to create 3 different training apps for Equisense, Inc. These are instructional iPhone apps that teach users dressage techniques and include real-time 3d demonstrations right on the iPhone. I was responsible for the design and programming of all of these applications. They are available in the App Store now.