Project Stormos

Project Stormos has been completely redone and released to the public in September 2011. There's a lot of history to the game and this page will go over much of that. If you haven't seen the game before it can be best described as a hardcore aerial action game. Some have called it the "anti-platformer" as one of your main goals is to get through entire levels without ever touching a single platform. It's fast, intense and has it's own level editor built right in so players can make their own levels. So far player response has been fantastic.

The most recent version of the game was completely made from the ground up in Unity starting In May 2011 and has sinced been released for the public to buy. I was responsible for every aspect of it's creation including all game design, programming, 3d modeling, animation, soundtrack, and website design. 

The game is available here:

Here's a detailed article for the launch -

Project Stormos in the media:


  • - "I assure you the satisfaction you feel when you finish a level and see that 'No platforms: Success!' is great, and unusual in the genre... The errors of the developer are very few, and pale in comparison to the ingenious idea of the gameplay"
  • - "...the gameplay offered is fantastic and the soundtracks accompanying my playing time give me a tingling feeling. It’s like the game is summoning forth my six year old self so that it can show me the kind of fun that platformers used to give me."  - - "What began as the complete inability to do anything except a couple of dashes to the right before I missed a ball and fell, soon turned into fluid zigzagging, high up into the sky, giving flying robots the beat down before launching myself into a Donkey Kong Country barrel-esque launcher that gave me a satisfying few seconds to watch my protagonist on autopilot before being hurled back into the thick of it, and once again utilizing every ounce of my finger tapping dexterity to stay airborne... the 60 levels so far have kept me entertained for hours. It looks pretty. It sounds pretty. It’s got an easy to use level editor, as well as very addicting leader boards that you feel you just HAVE to climb. It’s indie development to its core. It’s what we love."


 Everything from here forward shows the history of the games development including design thoughts, and previous versions of the game made in Game Maker and XNA.

"...I swear that it was the best moment in my game playing history..."
PROJECT STORMOS is an exciting aerial platforming game like no other. If you've ever had the feeling of falling (like out of a plane) then you can understand what Stormos feels like to play. I designed and built the complete game and have been very pleased with the reactions to it. I love it when I hear folks saying they keep going back to the game to take on new challenges.

Click Here or on the PROJECT STORMOS link to play the game yourself.

You can also play the game online at

What people are saying...

My Part

I was fully responsible for the design, graphics, and programming of Project Stormos. Design wise, originally I had planned on making a game similar to the Castlevania series in terms of control and feel. As I iterated on the gameplay prototypes, I found this idea of "Aerial Platforming" to be the most intriguing. With it, players were able to complete levels in interesting and often daring ways in environments that had (funny for a "platformer") little to no platforms. The aerial nature of the game creates a tension where the player is almost in constant fear of falling to their death, but there is always a way to keep afloat and survive.

Project Stormos follows one of my maxims of game design, which is that player creativity and experimentation should be rewarded. Levels are designed such that multiple routes can be taken to the finish. Some are obvious, some are hidden. Because the game's score is based on speed, players who can find the best routes will be rewarded. In order to do this, players must bridge paths that were previously thought to be unrelated or out of reach. Often times I found myself and others going back to certain levels and finding routes and techniques to complete them in ways I hadn't imagined before.  I am really excited to see what players of Project Stormos come up with in order to get the fastest times.

How to Play

Directions- WADS

Jump- K

Dash- L + direction(s)

Sword- J

Robo Stormo's main method of overcoming obstacles is the Aerial Dash. The spans that he must cross are simply too large to be made in a single bound.

In order to dash, Robo must have at least 1 power orb. Power orbs can be seen rotating around Robo.

Power Orb  Target Orb

To gain a power orb, simply dash through a target orb , ladder orb, enemy shot, or destroy and enemy! Robo can obtain up to 3 powers orbs at once. But remember, since using dash takes up one power orb, it is imperative that your dashes go through a target!

Be creative when overcoming different stages. Creativity = Speed in Project Stormos.

Chain together dashes into Target orbs in order to reach your destination!

If you run out of power orbs, Robo will flash purple. It's time to save yourself! Use the sword to slash target orbs, enemies, and shots to get your power back!


Blue lines represent Jump vectors, Red lines represent Dash vectors

One Target Orb

Two Target Orbs

Multiple Target Orbs

As the target orb layouts and obstacles become more advanced, it is up to the player to find the fastest route to their destination. On most levels it is possibles to achieved the coveted "No platforms" bonus, for a vast score increase. In order to do this, the player must string a huge combo of dashes together without ever touching the ground.
Up Dash!

To up dash, hold the UP button (W) then hit the DASH button (L)

Make sure a target orb is directly above you, then do an Up Dash! Use it to reach heights that were once unreachable!
Long Dash!

Can't get across that long gap? Use the Long Dash by holding either the Left or Right buttons (A or D) and then pressing the Dash button (L)

Line yourself up with the Target orb horizontally then perform the Long Dash!
Diagonal Dash!

Remember that you can dash in more than one direction in a single dash. Hold multiple direction buttons (even down!) in order to do a diagonal dash!
Combo Dash!

This is what Project Stormos is all about! Gain more Dash Power by dashing through Target Orbs and then string your midair dashes together.

Remember that your speed will be determined by your creativity! Look how many ways this simple example can be solved.

What people are saying...

"The game is fun. This is the hardest thing to do in the world of making
games, so good job."
- Patrick Curry, Midway Games, Wideload Games

"I noticed while playing that the most enjoyable moments of the game were recovering from missing a jump pad or orange orb. There is one level (maybe 4th or 5th?) that has all these orange orbs towards the bottom right-hand side of the screen in case you fall. I fell once and ended up dashing through those orbs for a full minute. I swear that it was the best moment in my game playing history. When I hit that purple orb, I felt like a god. So, more of those plz."
- Pete Bennett, Midway Games

"It's really hard. It teeters between 'wow this is hard and FUN' and
'wow this is hard and FRUSTRATING'. A couple times I quit the game, only
to open it back up five minutes later. This is a good sign."

- Patrick Curry, Midway Games, Wideload Games

"RoboStormo, you just got a big fan for your game!!! Ever since, I got your game, I just can't put it down (in the middle of a project milestone to be delivered next week ) Being able to dash around in the air without touching a single platform is both insanely hard and very rewarding if you can pull it off!!"

-Hama, Indie Gamer Forums