Environment Rendering

Here is a showcase of some of my work doing environment rendering and architectural walkthroughs for a variety of clients.

For many of these walkthroughs, I created interactive real time 3d environments so the clients could actually navigate the environments themselves instead of just watch a video or series of pictures. 

Farmers Feeding the World Mobile Exhibit

Here is a project that I worked on for the Farmers Feeding the World mobile exhibit. I was responsible for the 3d design and layout of the trailer exhibit before every piece was actually manufactured and put together for a country-wide tour. 

This project went through multiple iterations in which I provided all of the 3d work and much of the actual layout planning for the client. For this, I created a real time 3d environment that the client could navigate interactively in order to actually try to immerse themselves and envision what the final exhibit would feel like. 

The exhibit was produced and toured the US in 2011. There are videos below of the actual exhibit. 

Museum Walkthrough

 Here is part of an interactive walkthrough I did for an NYC-based artist planning a museum exhibit to showcase his work.

Good Housekeeping Storefront

 Here is a storefront design I did for Good Housekeeping.